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A loan structure to keep a company strong

The SBA 504 loan program provides businesses with long-term, below-market fixed-rate, subordinated loans to purchase real estate, build, expand and renovate or make leasehold improvements to buildings or purchase machinery and equipment. The program requires only a small cash down-payment thereby preserving the business's working capital. The purpose of the 504 loan program is to create or retain jobs in growing small or mid-sized firms.

Chesapeake provides 504 financing by issuing a SBA-guaranteed debenture for up to 40% of the total cost of the project. A commercial lender selected by the borrower (or referred by Chesapeake) provides financing for at least 50% of the project. The borrower provides the remaining 10% in the form of equity or subordinated debt. For new businesses and some special purpose buildings, the minimum investment form the borrower increases to 15% or 20%.

The maximum amount of 504 financing which Chesapeake can provide is $5,000,000 (up to $5.5 million for qualifying green projects) and the minimum is $200,000. There are no restrictions on the total project size.

An example of a typical structure is financing provided by Chesapeake to a family amusement center in Westminster, MD with laser tag, mini glo-golf, bumper cars, batting cages and attractions. The project is the purchase of their property and upgrading their facilities for growth. The uses and sources for the project were:

Uses $             
Purchase 2,410,000
Renovation 378,000
Equipment/other 462,000
Total $3,250,000
Bank 1,625,000       50%      
SBA 504 1,300,000 40%
Borrower 325,000 10%
Total $ 3,250,000 100%

Typical Loan Term

Private Lender SBA 504 Applicant
Percent of project 50 40 10%
Collateral 1st mortgage 2nd mortgage
Dollar amount No limit $100,000 - $5 million
Interest rate Market rate Below market & fixed
Real estate/equip. 10-20 years 20-25 years
Equipment only 5-7 years 10 years

"We have had six 504 loans from Chesapeake for our restaurants, and we are working on our 7th.  The 504 program has been terrific for us, and the Chesapeake people are good to work with.”

– Chris Reda: Ropewalk

"We have done four SBA 504 loans with Chesapeake.  The average project of each loan has been over 10 to 14 million dollars. The 504 program has been vital to the growth of our business.  These projects are complex, and the Chesapeake group is very knowledgeable and helpful. We are planning to do many more projects with them. During COVID-19 the best partner has been Chesapeake to come and help us with financial  planning of the payments."

– Dhiren Patel: Holiday Inn

“We have done two large complex 504 loans with Chesapeake – and we are working on two more.  The 504 program’s long-term fixed rate terms are really beneficial to us.  Chesapeake has been excellent to work with in planning our projects and successfully negotiating through the 504 process.”

– E. Heyer: Sienna School

“Our new Hyatt Place Hotel in Ocean City, MD was a $26 million project.  We had construction delays but the 504 loan program was important and is a key reason for our success.   Chesapeake’s team knows the 504 program and they really helped us.  Summer in Ocean City is fantastic – come visit!”

– Tommy Bennett: Hyatt Place


“We used the SBA 504 refinance program to get long-term fixed-rate financing for our business. We are growing rapidly and the 504 loan program helped our cash flow. Chesapeake helped us through the SBA 504 process.”

– Sung Bin Im: World Bankcard


“We are working on our third SBA 504 loan with Chesapeake.  They have been very helpful to us and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

- Kim Briscoe-Tonic: Briscoe-Tonic Funeral Home

"504 is a great program.  We sell and service luxury previously-owned cars.  Tom Turner (of Chesapeake) helped me buy this place with a 504 loan 5 years ago.  We're now working on a 504 refinance deal"

James Makia - Exclusive Motorcars

"Nelson Precast is a manufacturer of top quality cast stone and architectural precast concrete products for contractors in the Mid-Atlantic area.

The SBA 504 program has helped us finance this building, including our office buildout, plant setup including these overhead cranes, as well as some very sophisticated equipment. By its nature, it was a long and difficult process with construction, budget changes, and other delays, while also running a very busy company. But Chesapeake was there to help every step of the way"

Ari Lichtman - Nelson Precast Products

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